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Shoreside Excursion Claims

Miami, FL Shoreside Excursion Claims Attorney

Among the many other amenities offered on modern luxury liners, shore excursions are available on nearly every cruise. In many cases, these on land activities are provided by independent companies that work in partnership with cruise ship lines. The ships' managements promote, advertise, schedule, and collect payment for these adventures, yet they still attempt to sever themselves from liability for the occasional injuries that occur. When a ship's crew entices its passengers to participate in dangerous activities without reasonably ensuring their safety they share the legal responsibility when something goes wrong.

Attorney Robert Gross represents cruise ship passengers for injuries and deaths that occur while on a shore excursion. Often this means tying the cruise ship's company to the independent contractor that offers the excursion.

Cruise ships often offer horseback riding, zip-lining, rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, climbing through ruins, et cetera. There are varying degrees of danger in many of these activities. Some even require a minimum level of training. Vendors of these excursions will often try to minimize or de-emphasize the risks in order to make what they're offering more appealing. Not everyone should be riding horses and zip-lining through jungles, but it's tempting for businesses to allow every potential customer to participate. That's why it's important to hold these businesses and cruise ship companies accountable when they misrepresent their services.

If you've been injured on a cruise ship's shoreside excursion, consider the following questions:

  • Did the ship promote the excursion?
  • Was there any sort of warning as to the dangers involved?
  • Did a crew member or vendor dismiss your health or safety concerns?
  • Should training have been provided; was it adequate?
  • Was the excursion included in the price of passage on the vessel?
  • Was there adequate medical care available when the injury occurred?
  • Was the excursion paid for onboard?

Like in all cases, if you're injured on a cruise ship shoreside excursion, you should not hesitate to obtain medical attention. Don't sign or agree to waive your rights in exchange for any offer until your able to speak to a professional, experienced personal injury and maritime law attorney who handles this sort of claim—like Robert Gross, P.A.

A cruise ship company's management has no incentive to accept any of the blame for your shoreside excursion injury. More than likely, they will point to the fact that the excursion was run by an independent company. However, depending on their type of business arrangement and level of promotion, they may share some of the liability. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether or not you have a claim.

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