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Cruise Ship Passenger Claims

Cruise ship companies bear an enormous responsibility for the safety of the passengers that they transport

When you decide to take your vacation on a cruising vessel, you are entrusting the company and the crew to ensure your safety. Still, hundreds of passengers are injured on cruise ships every year. If you have traveled on a cruise ship and were injured, Robert Gross, P.A. will investigate the facts of your claim and and in many cases will be able to proceed on your behalf . Attorney Robert Gross has dedicated more than 95% of his practice to admiralty and maritime law. A large percentage of his cases are passenger claims brought against cruise ship companies.

Nearly any type of cruise ship passenger injury claim and personal injury accident that occurs in an establishment on water or on dry land can also happen on a cruise ship. However, cruise ships have a distinct set of dangers that make them unique to other types of premises. In addition to the normal types of slip and fall injuries that can occur anywhere, cruise ship injuries can result from:

  • Boarding accidents (whether it's via a gangway, stairs, Jacob's ladders, or transferring to tenders.)
  • Boating Accidents
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Injuries due to sudden navigational changes
  • Injuries due to passenger or crew member misconduct
  • Alcohol related incidents (similar to Dram Shop incidents where a bar over-serves the patron)
  • Improperly maintained equipment
  • Unsanitary dining conditions
  • Failure to keep the passageways free of debris or obstacles
  • Fire
  • Failure to provide proper medical attention for illness or injuries
  • Injuries during safety drills
  • Promoting unsafe shoreside excursions
  • Boating under the influence
  • Navigating into stormy or unsafe seas

Shipping and Maritime Law attorney Robert Gross has built his Miami practice by successfully pursuing these claims for crew as well as cruise ship passenger clients. When Robert Gross is retained as your attorney , he will proceed from his initial review of your case into developing effective legal strategies with the ultimate goal of maximizing your settlement or award.

Don't trust your legal battle to a lawyer who claims to know about cruise ship injury cases and yet lacks the actual experience in the field. Not all personal injury attorneys have experience in dealing with claims that result from incidents aboard sea vessels; Robert Gross, P.A. does.

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