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Crew Worker Injury

Special Laws and Regulations Protect Crew Members, Merchant Marines, Fishermen and Other Seamen Against Injury on Navigable Waters. South Florida Maritime and Admiralty Lawyer Robert Gross will vigorously represent you in your Crew Member Claims in order that you are compensated for your injuries.

When the water is your workplace, you know that danger is always a possibility. From unpredictable weather and water conditions to the seaworthiness of your vessel, any number of factors can put you in danger or even threaten your life.

Miami attorney Robert Gross is an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who has built a successful practice protecting those who are injured on South Florida waterways and body of waters across the country. Attorney Gross is experiened handling Maritime law and Cruise Ship worker related injuries, and it dictates that the vessel you work on is seaworthy – that is, maintained in such a condition that it can accomplish its intended purpose in a safe, reliable manner. Seaworthiness extends to having a properly trained an appropriately staffed crew.
If you're hurt while working at sea, attorney Robert Gross may inquire if the vessel became unseaworthy during the course of its voyage. Common injuries among crew members include:

  • Lifting injury
  • Equipment failure injury
  • Slip and fall injury
  • Assault by another crew member or passenger

If conditions exist that could deem a boat unseaworthy, you may be eligible for compensation that extends beyond that which is provided under Jones Act 46 U.S.C.§ 30104 provisions. The Jones Act 46 U.S.C.§ 30104 is a U.S. maritime law enacted by Congress that is designed to protect individuals working on navigable waters used for interstate commerce. Some of its requirements include:

  • Prompt and appropriate medical care be available for seamen
  • That a seaman is covered by insurance until he or she is fully recovered
  • Coverage even when injuries are caused by the boat owner or other co-workers
  • Monetary recovery is determined by a judge, jury or arbiter, not a state or federal agency
  • Even if your job is particularly dangerous, you'll be covered for injuries incurred at work

As a seaman, crew worker or other employee of a commercial vessel, you may also be eligible for "maintenance and cure."  That means if you are injured or become ill during your voyage, you're entitled to prompt medical treatment – even if it's your own fault that you become injured or ill. The law of cure requires that the employer provide medical care until the worker has completely recovered or achieved the maximum recovery that can be expected. That can extend to doctor's visits, hospitalization, rehabilitation and more. If your employer is balking at or refusing to pay your medical claims, you may need to consult an attorney.

Maritime law also dictates that you receive a "maintenance" payment for each day you're unable to work. That payment is a stipend for the room and board expenses the employer would have provided while the worker was aboard the ship.

Working at sea is a dangerous proposition and there are many aspects of maritime law that recognize that fact and make provisions to protect you as a worker. But that doesn't always mean that an employer or its insurance company is willing to provide you the full compensation that the law allows. That's why maritime attorney Robert Gross can be a valuable resource. He's well-versed in the nuances of the laws that protect you and other crew workers. He has the resources to evaluate your current and potential wage losses, as well as all liable parties.

If you've been injured as a crew member, call 305-670-9009 today to schedule a consultation with attorney Robert Gross. All consultations are strictly confidential and cases are accepted on a contingency basis – meaning you pay nothing unless Robert Gross earns monetary damages for you.

Attorney Robert C. Gross is a Miami, Florida maritime, admiralty attorney experienced in cruise ship claims, cruise slip and fall, cruise trip and fall claims, passenger injury claims, seaman injury claims. Our recent cases include cruise ship claims against Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and are based on passenger injury and cruise accidents. Call Robert C. Gross at 305-670-9009 if you need a cruise ship passenger injury lawyer.

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