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Private and Pleasure Watercraft Tort Claims

Florida Private and Pleasure Watercraft Tort Claims Attorney

If You've Been Injured in a Boating Accident Caused by a Pleasure Watercraft or Other Private Vessel, Miami Maritime Lawyer Robert Gross Can Help You Receive Compensation From Those At Fault Through a Tort Claim

When you drive a car, you're held responsible for making a violation against the "rules of the road." Sometimes that means being ticketed for driving too fast, or failing to stop when you should. It could mean being cited for operating a car with faulty equipment – like a burned out headlight. Following these rules – and accepting responsibility when you don't – helps to make our roads safer places and hopefully prevent accidents from occurring.

On Florida waterways, however, there's a common sentiment that the rules don't apply. Some boat owners openly become intoxicated while cruising the Intracoastal. They speed through restricted channels. They operate their extremely powerful – and potentially deadly – vessel with little concern for the "rules of the road" that apply to the waters which can lead to death on a boat.

Unfortunately, such cavalier attitudes are responsible for an astronomical number of accidents involving pleasure boats and personal watercraft on Floridian waterways and across the country. The result can be catastrophic injuries, such as:

  • Brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Disfigurement
  • Death

In addition to potential bodily injury, these sorts of accidents can cause hugely expensive damage to other vessels, property and passengers hurt on ship.

Unlike accidents that happen on land, boating accidents are often regulated by maritime and admiralty laws. Many people who use private, recreational boats don't realize their activity on the water falls under maritime law, which was originally written to regulate the activity of commercial vessels. Admiralty law has rules, regulations and procedures that are unique – and unfamiliar to lawyers that specialize in land-based laws.

Tort claims under admiralty law happen when an accident occurs on a body of water, such as the ocean, a lake, river or canal on which interstate commerce can occur. That means that the rules of the water can trump the rules of the land adjacent to that water.

It's imperative that pleasure boat accidents and the personal injury claims that result from them be handled by an attorney who is not only well versed in state and federal law, but also those laws that apply to the waterways. Miami attorney Robert Gross has built his 35-year career in the practice of maritime and admiralty law. Gross fully investigates the circumstances of boating accidents that involve private vessels including:

  • Pleasure boats
  • Personal watercraft, including Jet Skis, Wave Runners, Sea-Doos and Polaris
  • Yachts
  • Mega-yachts
If you've been injured by a private boat, call Robert Gross at 305-670-9009 to schedule a free consultation today. You may have a case that entitles you to monetary damages for injuries, lost wages, property damage or more. All personal injury pleasure boat or personal watercraft tort claims are handled on a contingency basis. That means you don't pay any lawyer fees or court costs unless your receive compensation for your injuries.

Attorney Robert C. Gross is a Miami, Florida maritime, admiralty attorney experienced in cruise ship claims, cruise slip and fall, cruise trip and fall claims, passenger injury claims, seaman injury claims. Our recent cases include cruise ship claims against Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and are based on passenger injury and cruise accidents. Call Robert C. Gross at 305-670-9009 if you need a cruise ship passenger injury lawyer.

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