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Shore Excursion Injury

Shore Excursion Injury - Miami Maritime Attorney

Injured on a Cruise's Shore Excursion? Murky Legal Waters Require an Experienced Cruise Ship Lawyer Like Miami Maritime Law Attorney Robert Gross to Protect Your Rights

A cruise's biggest lure is often it's exciting and exotic ports of call. Adventure, entertainment and engaging activities are just a few steps away from your floating home base. Experience an illness or injury on a shore excursion, however, and you'll likely never feel more isolated and left afloat.

In fact, many – if not most – shore excursions have no legal connection to cruise ship operators. If you look at the fine print on your ticket, you'll probably see language indicating that the cruise operator acts only as an agent for those who run shore excursions. Some cruise operators require that accidents be reported within specific time frame and any legal action be handled in a specific court system – often Florida, which can be hundreds or thousands of miles from home for cruise passengers.

Shore excursion injuries can be vast in their scope, including:

  • Twisted ankles or broken bones
  • Bruises or burns
  • Those related to vehicle accidents
  • Criminal assaults (including theft, physical altercations and sexual advances)

If you are hurt while on a shore excursion, report the incident to your cruise's medical and/or security officers immediately. It's also helpful to talk with the shore excursion operator. Often these operators will refer you back to the cruise line, but in some instances may at least refund you the cost of your excursion. Sometimes the cruise operator turns away passengers injured on shore excursions, telling them the incident occurred on foreign soil and that they have no jurisdiction over or responsibility for the situation.

Contacting an experienced maritime lawyer – an experienced cruise ship attorney like Robert Gross whose Miami maritime and admiralty law firm has negotiated shore excursion injury cases for over 30 years – can be an important next step. Robert Gross can assist you in discussions with the cruise line and the shore excursion operator to help settle your claims outside the courtroom. If these efforts are not successful, his track record as a litigator in Florida shore excursion injury lawsuits speaks for itself.

To schedule a free and confidential evaluation of your shore excursion injury case, call Robert Gross at 305-670-9009. All cases are handled on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing – no court costs, no attorney fees – unless you receive monetary compensation for your injuries.

Attorney Robert C. Gross is a Miami, Florida maritime, admiralty attorney experienced in cruise ship claims, cruise slip and fall, cruise trip and fall claims, passenger injury claims, seaman injury claims. Our recent cases include cruise ship claims against Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and are based on passenger injury and cruise accidents. Call Robert C. Gross at 305-670-9009 if you need a cruise ship passenger injury lawyer.

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