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Alcohol Related Maritime Accidents

Miami, Florida Attorney For Maritime Alcohol Abuse Claims

Anyone who knowingly consumes alcohol, or illicit drugs bears legal responsibility for their own actions. This is also true on boats, cruise ships and other types of vessels. However, the owner of the vessel—as well as the companies that are contracted to serve spirituous beverages on them, may also be liable for damages arising from the over-serving of alcohol.

Cruise ships and party boats are known for their festive activities, many of which involve drinking alcohol. However, bartenders are supposed to be trained to detect when they're over-serving a patron. There may be times when the passenger's outrageous behavior makes his or her level of intoxication obvious. A ship's bartender should also notice when a single patron or small group of passengers is accumulating a large bar tab. Not unlike the dram shop cases on land, a bartender's actions of pouring too many drinks for a passenger can create the basis for a claim against the cruise ship and it's operator.

The irresponsible serving of alcohol can result in:

  • Passengers jumping, falling, or being thrown overboard
  • Slip and fall injuries—sometimes from deck to deck
  • Vandalism, fights and various other criminal activity
  • Harassment of other passengers
  • Other types of unruly behavior that could result in damage, injuries or even death.

Maritime attorney Robert Gross, P.A. represents clients who have been injured or are otherwise entitled to damages due to the excessive service of alcoholic beverages aboard cruise ships and party boats. If you were the passenger on a ship and sustained injury or other trauma due to a drunken or unruly passenger, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a maritime lawyer who dedicates more than 95% of his practice to maritime injury claims.

Cruise Ship Accident Attorney Robert Gross also represents clients in their actions against drunken crew members or ship's employees who have been drinking to much. This type of claim can even involve injuries sustained from sudden or improper course changes at the hands of a drunken pilot. Robert Gross will pursue your claim against ship owners who employ shipmasters who drink on the job.

Oftentimes, individuals who would never consider driving a car after drinking alcohol have no problem taking a personal watercraft out on Biscayne Bay after having a few too many. If you're injured in a small vessel crash and you believe that alcohol was involved, call a maritime law attorney that you know has the experience to pursue your case.

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