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Personal Injury Due to Helm Change

Florida Personal Injury Due to Helm Change Attorney


The enormous size of luxury liners makes them less maneuverable than smaller vessels. Helmsman of cruise ships may find it necessary to make sudden navigational changes from time to time, but cruise ship passengers are not trained to deal with what occurs when a ship accelerates, reduces speed or changes course suddenly. For this reason, shipmasters are trained to pilot cruise ships in a manner that is safe and comfortable for the passengers.

However, what happens when a cruise liner undergoes a sudden course change without warning or gradual deceleration? Newton's First Law of Motion tells us that everything that is not already a part of the ship or fastened to it is going to continue in the direction that it was already going. This means that bottles, glasses, deck furniture, and even people are liable to start sliding across the deck when the helm orders a sudden change. With that much onboard chaos occurring, injuries are likely. Modern cruise ships have stabilizers that are designed to reduce the risk of this sort of thing happening, but sometimes they fail to adequately keep the passengers safe.

Miami, Florida cruise ship accident injury attorney Robert Gross, P.A. has successfully represented cruise ship passengers and crew members who have been injured as a result of irresponsible and sudden navigational changes. If you were on a luxury liner and experienced a course change that was sudden enough to cause you personal injury, you may be entitled to damages in a court of law.

A sudden helm change can result in:

  • Passengers Overboard
  • Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Flying Glassware and Other Items
  • Head Impacts
  • Passengers falling out of chairs or being thrown to the deck
  • Slips on materials that have fallen to the ground
  • Falling Cargo
  • Swimming pools suddenly emptying on adjacent decks

The types of dangers and injuries that can result are numerous. There have even been cases where water from swimming pools created small tidal waves, washing passengers and items across the deck.

Piloting a cruise vessel is an enormous responsibility. If it's not done properly, people get hurt. If you or someone you know has been injured aboard a cruise ship, contact a lawyer whose practice is entirely dedicated to maritime and admiralty law. Located in Miami, Florida, attorney Robert Gross will investigate your navigational change complaint. All modern vessels record changes in speed and direction. Attorney Robert Gross has experience in obtaining these documents in the pursuit of his clients' negligence claims.

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