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Personal Watercraft Collisions

Personal Watercraft Collisions & Accident Attorney


There are over 100,000 boats, jet skis and other vessels registered in Dade and Broward counties alone. That does not include the ones owned by tourists who arrive in their watercraft to enjoy the South Florida scenery. With so many people visiting the Sunshine State—and Miami in particular—for the specific purpose of boating, it's little wonder that there are so many crashes involving small vessels and personal watercraft.

If you have been injured in a boating accident—whether it involved boats, jet skis, a landmass or a vessel striking you while swimming or diving—you may be entitled to damages. Miami maritime law and boat accident attorney Robert Gross is experienced in pursuing liable parties for the damages sustained by the victims of personal watercraft collisions.

A personal watercraft collision can occur nearly anywhere where there is water. It could involve a boat that fails to yield the right of way to another in a congested area. It might involve a skier who is struck by another boat. Jet ski collisions have become more and more common in recent years as well. Boat crashes can happen in the Atlantic, the Florida Intracoastal, on the Miami River, Biscayne Bay, a lake, a canal, or even in the Everglades. The one binding factor is that when personal vessels strike one another, injuries and sometimes even death can occur. When this happens, contact attorney Robert Gross for a consultation at no cost to discuss your claim.

There are many factors that can contribute to a boating accident:

  • Was the at-fault operator qualified for the size and type of vessel?
  • Was the operator who was at fault under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  • Did the owner act responsibly in renting or lending the vessel to the operator?
  • Were the speeds reasonable for the area where the collision occurred?
  • Did the driver operate the boat in a manner that was reasonable for the weather and water conditions?
  • What are the injuries?
  • What is the extent of physical damage to the boats?

Boating crashes differ from motor vehicle accidents in that there usually isn't a scene to investigate. This means witness testimony, as well as the physical evidence in and on the boats is that much more important. It requires an experienced maritime lawyer to achieve optimal results in these types of cases. Boating accident attorney Robert Gross has that type of experience.

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