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Jet Ski Accidents

Tourists Should Know Dangers of Jet-Ski Rental

Many people vacation in the sunny state of Florida for sun and adventure. Cruises, beaches, boats, surfing, jet-skis; there are an endless number of diversions to try and enjoy while visiting our beautiful state. However, there are risks and dangers inherent in trying these activities, and it is crucial that tourists be aware of them before they find themselves injured and learn that the negligent party has been successful in insulating themselves from liability.


There are a large number of operations that target tourists wishing to experience the fun and freedom of renting a personal watercraft, and frequently, these operations will have guests sign waivers. These waivers can , depending upon the circumstances, foreclose recovery by the injured party. These waivers do not , however, necessarily absolve operators from responsibility in every instance. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to a malfunctioning watercraft or negligence on the part of the company that rented you the equipment, you do have rights, and should contact an experienced Florida jet-ski accident attorney to assist you with getting you your just compensation.

Jet-Ski Accidents on the Rise

Personal watercrafts are responsible for many injuries each year. Irresponsibly renting to children, renting poorly maintained equipment, and failure to provide proper instruction or safety gear are among the most common causes of injury accidents. And it doesn't only happen in Florida. For people enjoying the exotic locales visited by cruise ships, there can be even more danger. There numerous incidents in the past in which people rented jet-skis with no prior experience and were given no instruction or training on the equipment before being set loose on the waters. In one such recent incident, a 27 year-old woman from Florida was killed after running headfirst into a parked boat with her jet-ski.

What to Do

If you are interested in renting a jet-ski while on vacation in Florida or other location, do some research. Find an operator with a solid reputation, one that takes safety seriously. Also, insist upon instruction and safety gear before attempting to operate a jet-ski, especially if you have never ridden one before. Simply because you signed a waiver does not let the operator off the hook in every instance although these waivers can, given the circumstances, provide the operator complete protection from liability. Contact Miami maritime lawyer Robert Gross if you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a jet-ski accident. Call him at his Dade County office today at 305-670-9009.

Attorney Robert C. Gross is a Miami, Florida maritime, admiralty attorney experienced in cruise ship claims, cruise slip and fall, cruise trip and fall claims, passenger injury claims, seaman injury claims. Our recent cases include cruise ship claims against Norwegian Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and are based on passenger injury and cruise accidents. Call Robert C. Gross at 305-670-9009 if you need a cruise ship passenger injury lawyer.

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